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Housekeeping Motel Suite - no smoking
 Includes all the ammenities that are listed:

1 - Bath & hand towels & wash cloth per person  (fresh every other day)
Additional towel sets or exchange - $2.00
Bathmat or kitchen towel & rag set, exchange $2.00 charge
* 30" stove w/oven    * full refrigerator    * microwave    * elec. griddle
* toaster    * 12 cup coffee maker     * pots & pans     
* dishes   *  blow dryer     * eating & cooking utensils     * hand soap     
* 3 floor fans      * Wide Screen TV with Cable Service.  WI-FI access

Provided: cleaning products, broom & dustpan, vacuum, 
Swiffer mop & pads, dish soap, towels & rag, trash bags & toilet paper. 

Picnic Table, lawn chairs & Charcoal Grill (free charcoal & lighter fluid).

*Bring your own pool towel, personal hygiene & other paper products.

Suite is naturally cool "60-65 degrees. Rate page for furnace use rate.

Suite rates are with no housekeeping service. (clean your own house)

     A Refundable Cleanup & Damage deposit of $200.00 is charged on arrival.

****Clean up required to not forfeit $100 of the deposit: 
1. sweep & Swiffer mop vinyl & tile floors. Pads are under the sink.
 2. vacuum all carpet areas  
3. clean up all kitchen & dining surfaces of spills, food particles, ect, 
including inside stove, refrigerator, microwave. 
4. wash, dry & put away all pots, pans, dishes & utensils 
5. take trash to dumpster  
6. Best time to cleanup is just prior to checkout with everyone out of the suite for an actual inspection. 1 inspection only - if cleanup is not complete - deposit will
be forfeited and you will be ask to leave. Harassment by guest to try to receive 
the refund will not be tolerated and law enforcement will be call. All cleanup 
inspections are voice and audio recorded. 
7.  Sorry, but "looks good enough" without doing the all the work, will not pass!! 
8. We prefer that customers cleanup, but for those that do not wish to do the cleanup, please just inform us by the night before checkout that you wish to 
forfeit your deposit and we will gladly cleanup for you.
9. If something is not cleaned up when you check in - let us know right away and 
we will clean it up. Do not wait till check out and try to claim something was dirty.

The Suite is 1000 sq. ft. is the ground floor of the motel with private entrance. 
* 3 private bedrooms w/1 queen bed each    * 3 queen hide-a-beds in the living room area    
* Full kitchen & dining area    * table that will seat 12 persons     * 2 bathrooms with shower
 Click on the images to enlarge!!!
Charge for cleaning soiled "Urine" beds or you wash sheets at premise laundromat $6 - we wash $10.00 // Mattress pad - $12 charge we wash