Quail's Crossing Reviews, Policies & Welcome.

    I have an average of 180 reservations each year or about 900 customers and at at least 98%, when they check out, are smiling and telling me what a great time they had & enjoyed their stay. Many of those have expressed how they appreciated the policies and rules that creat a better environment. 
    I have many wonderful notes & drawings from both the adults & children over the 12 years thanking me. I appreciate them for being such great customers which has allowed me to stay in business.
    My policies are the same for every customer and they are what has kept me in business these 12 years by allowing me to operate Quail's Crossing by myself, helping keep my rates I believe reasonable for everything I offer here. They have also help keep my accommodations in better condition with fewer unnecessary repairs for the 98+% great customers that come here each year. Which has then allowed me to make more improvements over the years to provide a better time here at Quail's Crossing.
    I welcome returning customers and my new customer each year and hope by keeping my word that I will do everything I can to provide the amenities & accommodations I advertise and that as every customer abides by the policies & rules we will all have a great time.

Hope to see you here in the Beautiful Black Hills.  
Thanks George W. Heywood Jr. owner

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