Quail's Crossing 1961
The cabins were brought  here by Mr. Musilek "above" from Custer, they were CCC housing. The truck used to haul 
the cabins here I aquired in the spring of 
2002. As you can see 
Quail's Crossing has come along way and I am continuely looking for
more ways to better your
stay with me.
A view from the south, looking towardsthe Five Sister Peak.
Here is the 1946 Ford 
truck going under  a
railroad trestle just south of us. Today that 
trestle is part of the 114
miles of the Mickelson 
Trail running along my
east property line.
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Check out all the pages to see the changes over the years. Since 1998 when I bought Quail's
Crossing, I remodeled the cabins inside and out, built the Motel, Swimming pool, pavillion, and corral. I brought a hottub with me, put in both playgounds, and replace the walk bridge 
over Spring Creek. This winter we are adding the Motel Suite, seem to be a great hit. I am 
excited to offer another addition for our potential guest.   Thanks George