1. The facilities are for MY registered, paid for Guests included in your reservation. That does not include your visitors, prior arrangements can be made on arrival: There is a charge of $15.00 per person, per day.

2. The Housekeeping Suite (keep your own house) is clean when you arrive. Cleaning equipment & products are provided.
REQUIRED FOR REFUND OF DEPOSIT: 1. sweep & swiffer mopped vinyl & ceramic floors 2. vacuum all carpet areas 3. clean up all kitchen & dining surfaces of spills, food particles, ect., including inside stove, refrigerator & microwave  4. Wash, dry & put away all pots, pans, dishes & utensils 5. Trash taken to dumpster. 6. Cleaning up just before check out is best, with inspection when everyone is out of the suite. 7. Please Do Not ask for inspection when you have not completed the cleaning list, looks good enough will not pass & you will be refused refund of deposit and sorry no re-inspections. 8. You are welcome
to opt out of cleaning up & forfeit the deposit and we will gladly cleanup after you. To opt out please notify us the night before checkout.

3. To keep costs down & help protect the environment, clean bath towels are supplied every other day, 1 set per person. Hanging up your bathmat & towels to dry, saves water & cost. Suite: please put the dirty towels in the hamper & place outside the entry by
10 am. Do not use bath & hand towels or wash cloths for the pool or spa or as a rag. Bring your own Pool & rag towels. They are also for sale in the office. Clean bathmat or kitchen towel & rag, $2.00 charge.

4. Toilet paper & trash bags are supplied with your fresh towels. Extras are supplied by request.

5. Saving Energy helps keep the rates down. PLEASE TURN OFF all lights & DO NOT LEAVE  the  fans running if you are going to be gone all day. T he suite is naturally cool, leaving the windows open during the day will help warm up the suite for our cool nights. Extra charge of 10.00 per day for furnace use when daytime temp. is over 74 degrees.

6. DO NOT REMOVE ANY ROCKS OR LANDSCAPE OBJECTS from this property or its place. Violation will result in law enforcement being called. It is part of the landscape for all to enjoy. DO NOT DRIVE OR PARK ON LAWN!!!

7. MINORS (under 13) will be attended on the premises & at the pool by an adult. Sorry, no children under 12 in the spa.
No running, diving or rough housing. *IF YOU MOVE THE POOL FURNITURE, please return it were you found it.

8. PETS are welcome on the premises with prior notice, but are FORBIDDEN in the accommodations. There will be an $800.00 cleaning & loss charge for Violation of this rule & law enforcement will be called. An outdoor kennel & dog house are available, with notice, prior to your arrival.

9. Be courteous to other guests. UNRULINESS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED> I reserve the right to have you removed from the premises for violation of such, at your expense, with absolutely no refund.

10. There are containers for ALUMINUM CANS & your cooperation is greatly appreciated. PLEASE DO NOT PUT TRASH IN
CAN CONTAINERS, the dumpster is not far. An extra container for cans will be supplied upon request.

11. There will be a charge assessed to you for any damage , moving of landscape & unnecessary mess to the facilities. There
is a $50.00 charge for unnecessary soiled beds. There are products to prevent that. DO NOT MOVE THE FURNITURE!

12. DO NOT FLUSH FEMININE PRODUCTS OF ANY KIND. Also, because of the low water usage toilets of today, it has become necessary to ask that you hold the handle down until completely flushed, to avoid clogging. If you do clog the toilet, a plunger is provided in one of the bathrooms.

13. Aces, our horse, is on the premises. He is very tame, spoiled & welcomes treats, but caution is still recommended, only because of his size. Please watch small children carefully & have an adult present when the kids pet him.

14. Trail pass & bicycle use is available for guests, Trail passes & bicycles must be returned next to barn when you return. Do not ride in the driveways & report any damage to bicycles immediately.

15. Campfires are allowed, but not bonfires. Limit 2 bundles of wood per day. Your allotment of 2 bundles a day is good only for that day. do not sell or give to other customers. Additional bundles are $2.50.

16. If a problem arises, PLEASE let us know immediately so we can correct it. PLEASE don’t wait till checkout to complain.

Rules & agreements are to keep costs down & protect property for future customer use.
Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thanks George

Motel Suite Rules